The Lemonade Disco

When this Crazy Central Texas Weather Gives us Lemons, We Make the Lemonade Disco Come to LIFE!


Saturday 5/13/23

A Letter from Brian Hill, Owner of Premier Party Cruises

Hey everyone!  I wanted to drop y'all a quick line and reassure you that this will be awesome :)

We have been hosting the ATX Disco Cruise since 2019, and we've had THOUSANDS of happy people come out and experience this amazing thing we've put together!

I want to assure you that we really care about your experience with us in Austin, and we want you to remember us fondly even if we have to cancel the cruise.  

We're ALSO not going to cancel unless we ABSOLUTELY have to! 

We've only had to cancel 3 Disco Cruises in 4 years, so it's VERY rare, but when it happens, we gotta do it, and we're going to make sure it's AMAZING!!

I'm sure you have some questions, so if you do, please schedule a call below to talk to one of us about it, or call me directly on my cell phone at (512) 576-7975.

Thanks so much, and we'll be in touch closer to the weekend with more details!

Brian Hill, Owner

Premier Party Cruises

(512) 576-7975

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