The Top Do’s and Don’t For Success on the ATX Disco Cruise with Premier Party Cruises

Planning Tips for Bachelor and Bachelorette Boat Parties!


If there is one thing we excel at here on the party boats with Premier Party Cruises, it’s creating the most PARTY environment on Lake Travis so that you can bliss out with your besties for four hours and forget all the mundane tasks and arbitrary societal rules you’ve been saddled with in your daily life. Planning a wedding and being an adult is difficult enough! 

But, I mean, we have to have a few rules. We have an incredible track record with keeping our precious party goers safe, as well as happy, and we intend to continue! Captain Brian has a very straightforward version that have become a company motto…

“Don’t be a dick and don’t die.” 

A group of fun-loving people enjoying Premier Party Cruises' Disco Cruise

A group of disco lovers on the way to Premier Party Cruises' Disco Cruise

Very easy. That’s really all you need for survival, but here a few more suggestions so you can have the best possible experience out here with us in Austin, Texas -  one of the top bachelorette and bachelor party destinations in the United States. We don't want you to just survive, we want you to THRIVE.

Stylish party-goer dressed in disco fashion aboard Premier Party Cruises


-Wear outrageous, hilarious, cool, funny, sexy, wild outfits and costumes! A few memorable things we’ve seen include a neon green Borat style thong (that one was hard to unsee), giant curly disco wigs, full glitter fringe jackets, matching sailor hats complete with haircuts, jorts/mullet/bolo combos, and of course more glitter, matching fanny packs, tattoos, shirts, visors, swimsuits, and bags than you can possibly imagine. It immediately sets the tone for fun, this is the perfect environment for it; reach for the stars and show us something insane we haven’t seen yet - we dare you!.

-Drink water in between every drink of alcohol. Just trust us. Dehydration is so 2002. You can thank us later! Consider bringing along something to replace electrolytes like these packets from Waterboy! Waterboy Electrolyte Packets

We provide ice and water for you with our Disco Cruises tickets, which you can begin booking here by clicking the build a quote button to see pricing and availability...

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-Make friends with the other bachelor and bachelorette parties on the boat! You and your new besties can meet each other out in Austin later on and form a SUPERGROUP to go out dancing or hanging together for parties at your Airbnbs. There is no better way to organically create a big gathering of new, fun friends that come from all over the country and are celebrating the same thing you are!

-Bring food. And eat early on! A sandwich tray from Thundercloud subs, a box of pizza, a bbq box from Rudy’s will save your life. I wish this was dramatic but it's really pretty accurate.

Thundercloud Subs

Rudy's BBQ

Group of fine ladies bonding over a good time on Premier Party Cruises

Experience unforgettable memories with friends on Premier Party Cruises


-Drink liquor. Don’t take shots. Just don’t do it. You are allowed. There are no rules against it. But you are also allowed to bring a pet pig on an airplane, so long as it’s a therapy animal; but should you? Probably not, because that sounds really difficult for everyone around you. Partying is an art form, and the people who truly excel in this arena look at these four hours as a marathon, not a sprint. Hard seltzers, beers, and lighter drinks work great, and just remember that you still have that night to look forward to! 

-Be creepy. Not everyone wants you to touch them, ok? Making people uncomfortable is a big no no on the boat, and with how great our clients are it rarely happens, so let’s keep that going.

-Mess with Texas. You will face the wrath of native Texans and decent humans everywhere. We don’t like that, y’all. The sheriffs who patrol the lake don’t look kindly on it either so put it in the trash can, no one litters anymore. 

-Don’t actually die. Really big rule for us, it harshes the vibe a lot and we would prefer you just have a great time and then leave to have a fantastic night out in Austin when we get back to shore.

We hope this little guide helps you with planning accordingly for your bachelorette or bachelor party cruise! Follow our rules, we have them in place to keep you safe and we are always watching- but it’s up to you to make good decisions like the big grown up you are. 

We trust you, sweetie, you got this.

A group of fun-loving people enjoying Premier Party Cruises' Disco Cruise

Stylish party-goers having fun on Premier Party Cruises' Disco Cruise