First I want to thank everyone for your patience as we have navigated this completely unique situation.  Everyone we have talked to thus far has been extremely pleasant and understanding, and that means so much to us!  Again, we want to thank you for your patience in these unique times.


That being said, as vaccines are rolling out world wide, we are extremely happy and excited to be moving back to some sense of normal for the 2021 season!  We are hopeful that regulations will be much more accommodating to our industry in 2021.  We don't foresee many issues with bookings in 2021.  

This will be our final policy, and is what we need to do to ensure that we can honor our customers' reservations in the future.  A lot of deliberation and thought went into all this, and we are not making exceptions for on a case by case basis.  Almost all of our business is from out of state and coming for a bachelor or bachelorette party, so most everyone is in the same situation.  We have to stick to this policy across the board to ensure fairness and make sure that people are able to reschedule if regulations require it.

Please note that group size regulations might change and this is out of our control.  We will act accordingly to any mandated regulations which could have an impact on your booking.  All customers/groups must adhere to current and/or future regulations no matter what group size you book for initially.

We reserve the right to postpone and/or rescheduling cruises if absolutely needed in respect of gathering size restrictions, other covid regulations as well as using our own discretion to make the safest decision possible for our customers, crew, and society as a whole.

As we always have, we still have our customers' well being and the safety of our crew as our priority above all. Health and safety outweigh fun and partying 100% of the time. We will use government guidelines combined with our own discretion to make the safest call possible.

All payments are always made by customers, so no future charges will be automatically drafted if you have a cruise booked with a balance due.  We never automatically draft anyone's account.  

In accordance with the advice of industry experts and best practices, any payment you have made towards a cruise will be transferred into a credit towards a future booking.  All payments are non-refundable.  We have experienced similar polices with concert and festival tickets we have purchased.  Rather than a refund, your payment will be used as a credit toward your future booking with us within the next 10 years.  This allots more than enough of a time period  to reschedule your group to come join us for an awesome day on the water in Austin, one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  It's also a great excuse to plan a fun trip in the future :)  You can also transfer your credit to a friend if you'd like to collect payment from them, and then let them use your credit :)

Please understand that we are ALL in a financial crisis from the 2020 shutdown.  We sympathize with all parties involved. 

We want to be available to party with everyone moving forward!   PLEASE follow the regulations put in place!  The sooner we can get all of this behind us, the sooner we call all get back to some sense of normalcy.

We will fully comply with any and all current or future county, city, state and federal regulations and restrictions to ensure the safety of our guests as well as our hard working staff.  Please note that group size regulations might change in the future, and we will act accordingly which could have an impact on your booking.  All customers/groups must adhere to current and/or future regulations no matter what group size you book for initially.  For example, if you book a cruise for 15 people, and at the time of your event regulations state that only groups of 10 or less are allowed, you now have a boat booked for 10 people.  We want everyone to have fun, but please understand that as a business we have to follow all mandated regulations.

If you are already scheduled for a cruise with us:

If you are unsure if your cruise will be postponed or not please reach out to us. We might not know either based on the current informations available, but we'll do our best to help you with your planning.

If you will not be making your scheduled cruise due to COVID 19 regulations, please reach out as soon as possible so we can get remove you from the schedule and get you rescheduled.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate these uncharted waters.  Please stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask and socially distance yourself as much as possible. It’s going to take all of us working together to get through this, and I’m sure we all want to get back to life as it was as soon as possible.  We’ll see you on the water once all this blows over!

Kind Regards, 

Brian Hill and Justin Rossi
Premier Party Cruises. 

Rescheduling Details:​

  • Any payments you have made are being honored as a future travel credit and good towards a future booking within the next 5 years if your cruise gets postponed due to COVID 19 restrictions. Reschedules are based on availability, so the sooner you can reschedule your trip the more open our schedule will likely be.

  • Once travel bans and group event size restrictions allow AND we feel like it is responsible and safe (we will use guidelines AND our own discretion) we will be back in business, and all cruises will be held as scheduled and not postponed or rescheduled. We understand that if travel bans are lifted the day before a cruise, for example, your group won’t be able to make it, so please contact us if you fall within a similar situation once all this is over.