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Payments, Deposits, & Other Policies 

Deposit:  A 25% deposit paid online is required to secure your reservation.  Deposits and all other payments are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable! 


Gratuity: A 20% gratuity (based on the subtotal of your selection) OR $150 gratuity (whichever is higher) will be added on to your invoice after you book. 
Payment & Cancellations:  Full payment is due 30 days before the date of the cruise.  Bookings made within 30 day of the event date will need to be paid in full upon booking.  We reserve the right to transfer your payment on a case by case basis should you need to cancel.  If approved, your payment will be used as a future cruise credit to reschedule within one calendar year on a Monday thru Thursday at the rate you originally paid.  We don't approve these often!  To be clear: Our policy is that all payments are final and non refundable.  Deposits are Non Refundable, and we typically cannot change your date once they have been paid as it isn't fair to other customers who may have wanted to book your original date.
**There are no refunds for the ATX Disco Cruise, as described in the details of the 'Bachelor(ette) Parties' page.  Please see below for more details.
8pm-Midnight Cruises:  We have a great sound system and awesome wrap around lighting for you to dance the night away on any of our party boats for a night cruise :) For safety reasons, we do not allow swimming after sundown.  It’s just not worth the risk, and too difficult to keep an eye on multiple people in the water to ensure everyone's safety after dark.

Holiday Pricing: Holiday and Holiday Weekends - Pricing subject to change/increase.  Quotes will be sent reflecting accurate pricing.

Weather Cancellations:  Please read below for all specifics regarding cancellations.

DISCO Cruises:  There are no refunds for any payments made towards DISCO Cruises. Please see the link to you COVID Specific policy at the bottom of this page for COVID related info.  As described in the "Bachelor(ette) Party" page, a lot of planning and logistics goes into throwing these turnkey parties for so many groups.  IF weather prevents us from holding a DISCO Cruise DUE TO UNSAFE CONDITIONS (frequent lightning, heavy winds etc) we will do our best to host a have a backup plan for the day that will still be epic (this is only valid if we sell enough tickets to make hosting a backup plan worth it.  If we sell under 75 tickets, a refund will be processed in place of the backup plan)!  Depending on the date we will have either have an awesome bar crawl, rent out a rooftop party lounge or comparable event for our cruise attendees at the same time your cruise was scheduled for.  It might not be exactly what you signed up, for but we cannot control the weather, and these Plan B Events cost us a lot of money!  We pull out all the stops! The DISCO Cruises are in high demand, and if you purchase a ticket, the sale is final.  Please see the "Bachelor(ette) Parties!" page for more details.


It depends on how many other groups decide to book for the date/time that you do.  We sell up to 150 tickets maximum, but anywhere between 50 to 150 people is normal.  If we sell under 100 tickets, we’ll take our largest party boat!  If we sell over 100 tickets we’ll end up taking an extra one or two Party Boats out to accommodate everyone :)  That’s one huge boat w/ about 100 ppl on board, and then one or two other party boats with about 25 or 30 each.  Saturdays almost always sell out during peak season!  Fridays and Sundays average between 50-100 ppl, but can still sell out at 100+.


It’s like playing Tetris so far as which group gets assigned to which boat.  We assign boats based on group size in order to maximize the number of people on each boat, so there’s no way of knowing exactly which boat you’ll be on until the day of.  But we’ll try to accommodate if you’d like to be on the larger or smaller boats to the best of our ability.  The good news is that all three boats just cruise out for about 15 minutes, then once we tie up it’s all one big party and everyone just goes from boat to boat for the duration of the event. So it really doesn’t matter which boat your group is on, as it’s just a 15 minute cruise until we all group up for the big party :)

*Rain or Shine*All cruises are rain or shine!  If you or your group choose not to go out due to weather, there will not be a refund issued or a rescheduled cruise.  If the captain and crew are forced to cancel your event due to weather, you will be able to reschedule as outlined below.    All payments are non-refundable!

Weather Policies for Private Charters: We rarely have to cancel a party because of rain or inclement weather, but if it is storming heavily at our location at your scheduled starting time to the extent that it's unsafe to start or continue the party and we are forced to cancel, your payment will be used to reschedule your cruise in the next 5 years on a Monday-Thursday.  Cruises canceled due to the captains calling them due to weather are postponed/rescheduled, not refunded. Unsafe conditions mean that there is excessive wind, heavy rain, and/or lightning and thunder.  It can always be determined by looking at radar what is going to happen rain-wise, and a lil rain never hurt anyone, so all events are rain or shine unless it's deemed unsafe by management, captains, and crew.  Because these events are planned far in advance, we discourage anyone from canceling because of a questionable forecast: 99% of the time, if there is a chance of rain, it blows over quickly or never rains at all and the party goes great. We cannot cancel due to fear of inclement weather.  If your cruise is cut short due to an unexpected storm, we will pro-rate a refund for the time you missed.  
**RAINY DAY DISCO PLAN - Only applies to DISCO Cruises - Not regular/private cruises**
Read below for policy and Click Here for a YouTube video of one of our rain out backup plans 
Again, there are no refunds for Disco Cruises, and an AWESOME bar crawl or comparable event will take its place!  It's not ideal for anyone when we have to cancel due to weather, but when life hands us lemons, you better believe we're making lemonade!  Please make sure you are ok with this policy before booking!  Please don't write us a bad review because it rained, and you didn't get your version of an ideal perfect party on the water in the sun! We cannot control the weather, and we put a ton of time, effort and money into the Plan B to make sure you and your crew aren't just stuck playing cards agains humanity in your Airbnb all day if it rains!  Bring a good attitude, and you'll have fun!  If you can't have fun at the Back Up Plan because a lil rain, it's time to look inward, because hundreds of other people are going to be having a great time while you pout :)

Consider these cruises like you would a wedding!  You're not going to let a little rain or clouds ruin the occasion. Please keep this in mind when booking.

Please Click Here to Read Our COVID Policies

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